A new generation of musicals

There has been a surge of musicals and plays that have included the youth. There is a new generation of Broadway actors who are starting their career fresh and in the right place. Continue reading


Going back to Prom

A show that has done successfully in a theater in Georgia’s Alliance Theater in Atlanta titled The Prom has been announced to premiere on Broadway Fall of 2018 at the Shubert Theater.This comedy is about a high school in North Carolina that rejected a student from attending with her girlfriend. A group of Broadway actors find out about this blasphemy and fight back, in the only way they know how.

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I fell slowly for Once

Once the musical was adapted for the stage from the 2006 movie by the same title. This stage musical was awarded a whopping number of 8 Tony’s at the 2012 award show. These included: Best sound, lighting, and scenic design, best choreography, orchestrations, directing, book, best actor, actress and featured actress along with the biggest award of the night, Best Musical. With these accolades I believe it is safe to say that this musical, was good. More than good, it was moving. Continue reading

The Jobs in Musical Theater

You would probably first think about those that you see on stage as the frontrunners of the musical theater industry. Those people would be nowhere without the people in the background that make it all happen. Some of those people can wear multiple hats and serve as behind the scenes and on the scene while other only handle, hats.. Continue reading

Elsie Fest

The third annual Elsie Fest occurred this past weekend in New York City and featured some big names from Broadway. Ever since the first one in 2015 I knew this would be a festival that I would eventually have to attend. But alas, living in California makes it difficult to be a broadway fan and truly bask in the greatness that is being in the community. Continue reading